Serving the whole teacher.

Teachers love to figure out creative ways to make their lessons interdisciplinary, to bring in relevant outside sources to help students make connections they may not otherwise have seen.

Yet so often, the approach to PD is anything but.  Too frequently PD is insular-- we see just one narrow segment of what is out there when we only look for PD opportunities within our subject matter or grade level.  Learning from those outside of our specialty can help us see things from a fresh perspective. Hearing from those in a different grade level reminds us of where students are coming or where they are headed, helping remind us of how we fit into the larger educational experience.  Professional development within one's chosen discipline is always a great opportunity to take advantage of--but it shouldn't be the only PD you should make time to attend.

But serving the whole teacher goes further than just expanding our horizons beyond a particular grade band; it means finding talks designed to serve every part of your life as a teacher.  From your mental health to your side hustle, we know that these are issues that affect how you show up in and out of the classroom.  Why shouldn't PD address those needs as well?  At The Total Teacher Summit, we think PD should. 
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Providing the full conference experience.

But just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean you won’t get the entire conference experience!  Without leaving your house-- or your couch-- you can still expect all the things you'd get at an in-person event

At The Total Teacher Summit,  you can look forward to
  • Networking. From custom hashtags to customizable virtual conference badges, we want you to get to know those other teacher go-getters that are your kind of people.  Look forward to getting to know your fellow attendees on Instagram and in our private Facebook Community!

  • Connecting with your hosts.  Summit weekend July 11th-12th, the speakers were live in Chat to address your questions as you listened to each of their pre-recorded talks.  During Encore weekend, your hosts, Nicole and Danielle, will be there to watch with you, answering your questions and helping you make the most of this re-watch party!

  • Attendee goodie bags.  No conference would be complete without you walking with away with a little something extra. There will be plenty of takeaways from the speakers’ presentations— that’s a given— but we put together a little surprise straight to your inbox when the live talks conclude.
Get the full conference experience right from my couch!

A weekend of great presentations, panels and more!

Originally aired July 11th-12th, if you are tuning in late, join us for the same line up with the same times, August 1st & 2nd!


I bought the All Access Pass. Where can I go to watch all the presentation replays?

When you are logged into Podia simply navigate to the section labeled All Access Pass Replay Links & Exclusive Bonus Bundle. Alternatively, you always can find a copy of the hyperlinked PDF that contains all the same information right in your inbox if you opted in to receive emails.

Is this summit only for a specific grade level or discipline?

Our presenters are from a range of subjects and grade levels and the vast majority of the talks are designed in a way to be applicable no matter what age group or subject matter is your specialty.  We think there is something so valuable in hearing from others outside of your grade or subject area-- and that this is an opportunity rarely presented in traditional PD

Can I get Professional Development hours/CPDUs for attending?

While we certainly think these presentations are of that caliber, ultimately, that isn't up to us.  The criteria for what constitutes professional development/CPDUs vary across district and state lines, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that your school will accept your attendance at the TTS for CPDUs--but we certainly hope you will ask your particular district about it! Note that  All-Access-Pass holders will receive a certificate of completion for attendance

I'm really excited for this online summit! Can I share the link to this summit with those that work at my school?

We sure hope you will tell others about it! If you are part of your school’s leadership team and you want to let those at your school know about this opportunity, as long as it is in keeping with your school's guidelines for email, please feel free to send out the link to this exact page so others at your school can register for their tickets as well. All individuals are allowed to sign up to attend for free, and we hope they do!

I’m a a school administrator. Can I use this as my staff’s official professional development?

The virtual summit is free for individual attendees, but registering and/or purchasing a ticket grants only that particular individual access. In other words, registering/purchasing via the buttons above is for an individual license and therefore good for only a single user. But not to worry-- we have a school/district wide options for you!  We are thrilled that you would consider using this summit for your school-wide PD and we are happy to offer a special rate to purchase a school-wide license to grant everyone access-- and to provide a few, special extras to make it even more actionable for your school. Contact us at to find out more about this option.

If the summit is all online, is there a way to connect with other attendees?

Sure is! We know that one of the biggest reasons behind attending a conference is networking. We have a private Facebook group so you can connect with all those like-minded educators! And even if you missed the Live Chat during Summit weekend, you will find your Summit hosts (and re-watch attendees) there again for Encore Weekend August 1st and 2nd!

Is this a free event?

We are truly passionate about the idea of professional development, which is why we started our weekly podcast last year. We think outstanding PD is possible and should be readily available, which is why we made all the presentations to watch for free the weekend of July 11th-12th. After Summit weekend, the price of the paid All Access Pass ticket is just $99.99, a fraction of what most conferences cost.  With no hotel to pay for and with many extras included in the All Access bundle--which you wouldn't get at your typical in person PD-- it's still a steal.

I'm interested in Encore Weekend. Does that mean I shouldn't watch the talks now even if I have access to them?

24 talks to watch in one weekend is a lot, and these talks certainly deliver!  If there are talks you are eager to get to right away, as soon as you purchase your All Access Pass you can see the videos immediately by navigating to All Access Pass Replay Links & Exclusive Bonus Bundle. Don't feel like you need to wait for Encore Weekend to get started--but we are more than happy to guide you through each and every video the weekend of August 1st & 2nd!

Could my school purchase my All Access Pass or reimburse me for buying the All Access Pass?

That is entirely up to your particular school!  Every school has its own procedure, so contact the appropriate person at your school to find out if this is an option for you.

What attendees are saying about 2019's Total Teacher Summit

Love your energy and message! Perfect for me to listen to on the night before school starts. 
Summit Attendee
The world of education is always changing. 1st year teacher or 21st year teacher, there's always something more to learn! Thanks!!
Tara, from MI
This is MAJOR! Thank you for putting together such a great presentation. I'm actually getting excited about going back to school! I can use these tactics with my middle schoolers.
Summit Attendee
Danielle & Nicole
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