Get all the details on the thought leaders you'll be hearing from at The Total Teacher Summit 2020

Alissa McDonald

Alissa is a teacher, marketing strategist, toddler mom, and lover of French fries! She’s the host of the Teacher Hustle Podcast and business coach for teachers in the Teacher Hustle University membership. She’s passionate about helping teachers diversify their income by launching, growing, and scaling their online business while maintaining their values and staying mission-driven.

Amanda Murtaugh

Amanda Murtaugh is a therapist providing services to students at a college counseling center.  She currently serves as Outreach Coordinator and specializes in providing therapy to first generation college students, as well as clients with trauma and a variety of mental health diagnoses.  For years, Amanda has bridged the gap between education and mental health, especially with adolescents and higher ed.

Brianne Beebe

Brianne Beebe is a high school math teacher, business owner, wife, toddler mom, and a teacher burnout survivor.  Our profession is unique, and after learning so much the hard way, Brianne strives to share ideas and resources to prevent burnout for other teachers.  Her passion is supporting teachers as they organize their classrooms, time, and instruction by providing practical solutions for creating systems.

Brittany Rhodes

Brittany Rhodes is a math tutor/coach, GED Math Instructor and Founder of Black Girl MATHgic (BGM). Black Girl MATHgic is a movement dedicated to increasing math confidence, awareness, enthusiasm, identity, fluency and persistence in children, with a focus on girls and black children. BGM’s flagship product is the Black Girl MATHgic Box, which is the first and only subscription box designed to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. Brittany received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Spelman College and her Master of Business Administration in Marketing, Communication and Organizational Behavior from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Brittany is a proud native of Detroit, where she lives with her husband, Oscar. 

Charissa Duncanson

Charissa Duncanson has taught K-5th grade general music in the Metro Detroit Area for six years. Born and raised in Michigan, Charissa began her musical journey in elementary school. Throughout her childhood Charissa participated in choirs, bands, and theatre within her community and schools.  She earned a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Education from Wayne State University and currently teaches at McDonald Elementary School in Dearborn.  As a professional, Charissa has performed and presented throughout the Metro Detroit Area ranging from state conferences to local PD workshops. Being an avid advocate for music education, Ms. Duncanson has served on multiple boards for music education associations. In her spare time  Charissa loves to craft, sew, and go on walks with her husband and dog, Maizey. 

Karen Hile and Christy Lamb

Karen Hile and Christy Lamb of @TheModernPrincipal are current elementary principals in the Kansas City metro. They strive to use an EDUQUEEN model of leadership: 
  • Examines reality vs. the expected
  • Dares to be direct
  • Unifies the community with a vision
  • Questions systems that undermine equity
  • Uncovers the root of the problem
  • Evaluates instructional impact
  • Embraces team personally and guides them professionally
  • Needs to look fly
They aim to bring together like-minded women leaders from all positions to reform education.

Dr. Dee Bell-Williams

Dr. Dee is the creator and Amazon bestselling author of Culture Focused Teaching: A Simple System To Escape Classroom Management Chaos And Fall In Love With Teaching Again, aimed to assist teachers with best practices in classroom management, which in turn aids schools in retaining quality educators in the classroom. 

Her emphasis is on culture-focused teaching (CFT) practices that create a cooperative classroom culture for students and teachers.  She has also both created a Classroom Management Mastery Course and Classroom Management Crash Course, which can both be found on the website.

Erica Terry

Erica Terry is an 18 year educator, who currently serves as a professional learning consultant who helps co-teachers build collaborative relationships and transform instruction to meet the needs of all students. 

In addition to her role as a consultant, she also is an edupreneur and host of the Classroom to CEO Podcast, where she equips educators to turn their classroom knowledge into a profitable online business by creating multiple streams of income. 

While empowering educators to create a life they love embodies her professional passion, her husband, Melvin and daughter, Eva are the driving force and greatest blessings in her life. You can find her hanging out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @ericaterryceo

Kay Valdez

Kay is a primary grade teacher with over 10 years of experience in Gen Ed as well as Special Ed. She is a Phonics PD instructor and the creator of Primary Cornerstone. An instructional powerhouse, she is able to dissect curriculum and support teachers in the classroom. As a former struggling bilingual, she is proud to be part of the curriculum team for the first dual language program in her district. She brings a fresh perspective and passion for educational equity. 

Kelly Jackson

Kelly is a former teacher of littles turned Classroom Organization Coach. She helps busy and overwhelmed teachers create organized, safe, and well-managed classrooms that facilitate effective learning for their students and more time for themselves. She is a Texas girl living in Germany, running The Simply Organized Teacher, and hosting the Simply Teach podcast! 

Maya Le Espiritu

Maya is an artist, elementary school teacher, and creator of the Blog and Youtube Channel MaiStoryBook. She is passionate about quality and equality in early education. She has taught 1st and 3rd grade. Her goal is to introduce children to the world of reading and help raise a new generation of readers.

Meg Browne

Meg Browne is a former Kindergarten Teacher turned Middle School Science Educator with a passion for STEM and all things NGSS. She hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, thinkers, and doers by providing opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, and develop perseverance. Her grade level transition dramatically changed Meg’s perspective on teaching and enabled her to practice the skills that she wants her students to have.

Miranda Colwell

Miranda Colwell, founder of The Teacher Tank, is a former middle school math teacher turned full time teacher business coach. Since earning her Master’s in Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, she has dedicated herself to empowering educators with the skills and confidence they need to build their dream careers. Miranda is best known for her easy-to-implement strategies for using Instagram as a tool to drive your business forward. Through her online courses, workshops, and coaching programs, she provides actionable steps for teachers to grow their community and promote their digital products on Instagram in a way that is not only approachable, but makes sense.

Nicki Dingraudo

Nicki has taught 1st and 2nd grade for 6 years out in sunny Arizona. She recently traded the sunshine for snow with a move to Minnesota and has fallen in love with supporting other teachers full-time.

Her goal is to take away the stress of lesson planning by creating low prep, high engagement activities your students will actually remember!

Renee Pena Lopez

Renee Pena Lopez is an Early Childhood Learning Specialist and proud native NewYorker. She is a licensed special education and early childhood teacher who has a deep passion for Littles and their quirks. Renee pulls from her creative background in dance and her vast experience in an array of classrooms from museum education toprogressive to play-based models. She truly believes that #playmatters in the lives of Littles and for it to matter it must be purposeful and work for the learner that it serves which is why she teaches guided play. It is her mission to guide early childhood teachers in this whirlwind time in a child’s life and figure out together the quirks of learning that create strong foundations in social emotional learning to allow them to be their best selves because: We Are The Front Lines! You can find out more information about Renee on her website at as well as catch her podcast The Magic of Littles with Renee Pena Lopez.  

Sam Kary

Sam Kary is the founder of The New EdTech Classroom, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to showing teachers how to authentically integrate technology into their classrooms. Sam has worked as a middle school teacher and instructional coach for over a decade, and believes students learn best when given the opportunity to use technology to engage with content in creative, authentic ways. Sam is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and National Geographic Certified Educator. His YouTube channel has been featured in Forbes and One Day Magazine for supporting teachers during emergency distance learning. 

Shana Ramin

Shana Ramin is a middle school teacher, digital creator, and Google for Education Certified Trainer. She’s on a mission to help teachers and students make the most of their tech. You can find Shana sharing all things design and technology on her blog, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thom Gibson

Thom Gibson is a two-time teacher-of-the-year educator & Adobe Education Leader. He teaches middle school math, robotics, and heads up the esports club. He's a podcaster, YouTuber, & creator of the 'How To Teach Kids About Money' course for teachers.

Tina Gabel

Tina helps educators exceed their program standards by designing nature-based environments as well as incorporating play-based, hands-on experiences into everyday learning. She shows how intentional decision making around the classroom setting can make all the difference.

Stephanie DeLussey

Stephanie believes in teaching from the heart.  She has experience speaking on a variety of topics, including adapting materials for all learners, data collection with a focus on IEP goals and progress monitoring, and teacher wellness.  She has presented at Teach Your Heart Out