Total Teacher Summit 2020 Encore Weekend

Maybe you heard about the Total Teacher Summit after the summit ended.  Maybe you had other commitments that weekend-- after all, teachers are busy people.  Maybe you attended a talk or two but life got in the way and you weren't able to watch all the presentations that you had intended.  If any of that sounds familiar, then Encore Weekend is for you!

While we absolutely love the concept of PD on Demand, we know that Encore Weekend comes with a few special benefits of its own!

Put PD on the calendar instead of putting it off indefinitely

Having access to PD whenever you want is great-- after all, that's a huge reason why we offer the All Access Pass!  As a teacher, you are often forced to prioritize what's urgent-- and that means that PD might take a back seat--perhaps to your detriment because that talk you haven't been able to find the time to watch might just have your perfect solution to a common issue you are encountering. Stop procrastinating and start watching these presentations by putting a firm date on your calendar to do so!  

Get guidance as you go!

There's a lot packed into those 24 talks and 3 Q&A panel discussions!  It could easily feel overwhelming to try to go through it all on your own.  By watching the videos during Encore Weekend, your Summit hosts Danielle and Nicole will be right there with you providing support every step of the way.  We've seen the talks. We've gotten to ask the speakers questions. And now we are here to be your personal guide, available in Live Chat all weekend long!

Get the community you crave

Wish you could surround yourself with other like-minded, highly motivated teachers?  We know exactly where to find almost 3,000 of them because they attended Summit weekend in mid July with us.  We enjoyed getting to know everyone so much that we didn't want things to end when the Summit concluded.  Hang out with us in our private FB group and we will have a little reunion for those who attended the Summit--and we'll provide the introduction to all those we are meeting for the first time Encore weekend!